Content Auditing

So you’ve written something. Well done!

Now it needs proof-reading. You could call your mother or an auntie, but you know that you can’t rely on them to be objective. You could give it to a spouse or a partner, but you’d rather not get divorced over it.

You need a proof-reading service.

You need someone honest, professional and objective. You need someone who will go beyond checking your grammar and punctuation, and offer constructive advice about your actual content.

As a content auditor, I will go beyond simple proof-reading:

  • We will ensure that your words read and flow well.
  • We’ll check that your content conveys the right message to the right target audience.
  • We’ll check that your content possesses a positive, upbeat tone.
  • Finally, we’ll ensure that what you’ve written can be read and understood by anyone.

Proof-reading is quoted on a ‘per word’ basis, according to the type of document you need checked – please feel free to contact me to inquire about this service.

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