Gift of the Gab

Some people possess the gift of the gab. I was never like that, but given a pen and paper, I could always put thoughts into words in a heartbeat.  Naturally, I’ve ended up offering a copywriting service to friends, family and colleagues who needed help wording letters, marketing documents, articles and even restaurant menus.

A copywriting service extends further than putting things into words; it’s about helping you find your own unique voice that aligns with your brand image and whatever it is that you are trying to communicate to the public. Echoing that voice across all outgoing communication takes meticulous attention to detail and commitment to dig deep to find that special something that will set you apart from your competitors.

If you need words, I can help:

  • Marketing documents: not only should marketing documents be accurate, informative and grammatically correct, they should be engaging. A copywriting service can do wonders for your marketing literature, ensuring that content is exciting, clear and the right length to pique a target audience’s interest.
  • Books: You might just have inspiration for the next New York Times Best Seller, whether fiction or non-fiction, but you may have no idea how to adequately transform it into the masterpiece it deserves to be. At the rate at which online books are being produced, don’t be afraid to ask for help with yours – it could be the difference between a good piece of literature and a great one.
  • Letters: From business letters to sales letters to awkward personal letters, I have written them all. If you have an important message to convey, don’t lose it in ineffective copy. I’ll help you find your words and get the full message across.

I’d like to encourage you to consider a copywriting service for any of your ad-hoc writing projects. An extra set of eyes can improve the quality of your content at the very least. Contact me directly, if you’d like to find out more.

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